Improvement Guide


The development version of the Kernel-Machine Library can be checked out anonymously from the trunk directory of the subversion repository located at http://www.terborg.net/svn/trunk/kml/. By using the following command

svn checkout https://www.terborg.net/svn/trunk/kml 

a fresh up-to-date KML directory will be obtained.

Mailing List

A mailing list has been setup by the library authors. On this list, we discuss issues like the design and implementation of the library, most wanted features, bugs, and, of course, all kinds of other issues :-).

Information regarding the mailing list may be found at http://www.terborg.net/mailman/listinfo/kml-devel/, including links to browse its archive, to subscribe and to unsubscribe.


If you do have any questions, feedback, new algorithms, or success stories, please do not hesitate to contact us at obfuscated email address. We endeavour to use any kind of feedback for improvement of the library, including the on-line documentation.