1 Introduction


This part of the homepage is about research, which is primarily done by me, Rutger. When I went to university, one of my main interests was robotics, or to learn about how devices such as NASA’s rover operate. Soon I found out that not the device per se, but how it could be made to behave intelligently was the area I was really interested in. That is the very reason I started the great adventure into the art of making computers behave like humans.

Areas of interest: machine learning, pattern recognition, software engineering

2 Publications

An overview of my published papers may be found here. Theses will be added in a later stage.

3 Software

I did my research for Ph.D. in an industrial environment. Because of this practical setting, I have started the development of a number of machine-learning-related software packages.

3.1 Kernel-Machine Library

The Kernel-Machine Library is a freely available (released under the LGPL) C++ library to promote the use and progress of kernel machines. It is both for academic use and for developing real world applications. The Kernel-Machine Library draws heavily from features of modern C++ such as template meta-programming to achieve high performance while at the same time offering a comfortable interface. Read more...

3.2 Kernel-Machine Tool

This tool will be released toghether with the release of the Kernel-Machine Library 0.2.