Because about is a rather ambiguous term, we have written it from different perspectives, as is shown below.

About us

The name of this website, terborg.net, is named after Rutger’s family name ter Borg. More information about us can be found by surfing this website, or, even better, by contacting us.

About this website

Basically, the main engine of this website is SCons. It is a software construction tool, but its dependency calculations and rebuild management makes it shine at document management, too. A large portion of the content of this website is written in LaTeX [1], LyX, or plain HTML. These documents are converted to PDF by pdfLaTeX, and converted to HTML by TeX4ht. The content of webpages can be written in any language as long as an appropriate Scons builder is present. In turn, SCons calls upon a number of translation and typesetting systems.

Most image manipulation is done by an automated process. Combining the build system with GNU’s image manipuliation program (better known as the GIMP) in batch-mode with Gimp-Python, also known as Python-Fu, creating images on-the-fly becomes reality. The result can be seen in, e.g., the top-images, and some of the thumbnails.

For the document author, graphics are searched for by a number of supported file extensions. On the basis of such extension, again, a builder is called to generate the graphics. For example, to include an plot generated with R [2] inside the document, one simply inserts


in the LaTeX document, and a file my_R_plot_script.R will executed through R by SCons to generate the graphics.

Email addresses are obfuscated automatically with an RSA encryption to slow down spammers.

If you are interested in this way of constructing documents, or have any question and/or suggestion, please don’t hestitate to contact me at obfuscated email address.



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Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. R: A language for data analysis and graphics. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 5(3):299–314, 1996. ISSN 1061-8600.